Talking Pierre the Parrot Free
Talking Pierre the Parrot Free. The new creation from the developers of Talking Tom. At this time it's talking parrot, Pierre.

Talk to Pierre - his answers are always original and funny. Perhaps that is why the mobile application Talking Pierre the Parrot Free has found such popularity among Android users.

Talking parrot, Pierre - is energetic (even too much) and lives in the kitchen at the Talking Tom's house. Pierre just a few years old, which explains his volubility and passion for destruction.

What does Pierre do? You have to talk on the phone some words or phrases, and then the parrot talks your words after you in random order. It sounds very funny - he combines separate parts, creating an entirely new sentences. So, you will not get bored with this funny bird.

How to interact with the Talking Pierre?
  • - Talk to him and watch how he will answer;
  • - Poke him with your finger in the stomach or the head - the response will be immediate;
  • - Poke him in the legs, and he will dance the cowboy dance;
  • - Scratch Pierre and he will be glad;
  • - Turn the blender on in the kitchen and Pierre won't hear you because of the noise;
  • - Throw a tomato in a parrot;
  • - Click on the tap to open water - Pierre will frolic in the water;
  • - Record demos and post them to Twitter and Facebook.

There are additional options, but they are available only after making payment.

Well, now you can download Talking Pierre the Parrot for Android smartphone for free.
  • Talking Pierre the Parrot Free
  • Talking Pierre the Parrot Free
  • Talking Pierre the Parrot Free


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